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You will be stepping into a new arena with different rules. Uncertain players. Where everything is on the line.
This is no game. THIS IS YOUR LIFE.
You want an attorney with experience and expertise. Who will aggressively advocate for you. Who won’t back down. You need an attorney who hears you and will tell you the truth. An attorney who is honest, compassionate, assertive, and no nonsense.

Just outside of Detroit and thinking outside of the box

Annette Benson Law has been representing both men and women, in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb and Washtenaw counties for over 25 years

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When contemplating making changes that can impact your family, your finances, and your future, the first step should be to consult with an honest and experienced attorney. When it comes to you and your  family, it’s personal. When it comes to selecting an attorney, it is not one size fits all. At Annette Benson Law, we want to hear your story and understand the history and family dynamics, so we can best provide options on how to proceed, guidance on how to prepare, and information to understand the legal process. Success in the legal arena comes from proper planning, effective strategies, and  meticulous organization.  Get the honest and direct information you need to make the best decisions for your future. Call Annette Benson Law.

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Annette Benson Law

Divorce can get rough. So can we.

“Ms. Benson represented me in a very difficult divorce and stood by me through numerous conflicts with my ex-wife after the agreement was final. Annette assisted me in every step of the case preparation, provided outstanding council regarding the financial settlement, anticipated difficult questions from the court and opposing counsel, presented my case professionally and persuasively, and when things got tough this woman became a velvet hammer! Annette maintained her professional edge at all times as she politely, yet forcefully pummeled the opposing counsel’s arguments. It’s clear that she has earned the respect of Judges. This respect and her credibility benefited me and my position during difficult litigation and in the decisions made by the Judge. Over the years since my divorce was final, Annette has promptly responded to my post judgment requests for support and frankly, she has never failed me. Great advice, great guidance and great support.

When you’re in front of a Judge in these very trying important moments, you realize how critical it is to have the right representation. Annette and the office staff worked together, with me, to successfully fight the most important battle of my life. Hiring Annette Benson Law was one of my very best decisions.”

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