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Protecting Your Financial Future

You invested a lot in your relationship, and that can’t be quantified. However, you can take steps to protect your assets and financial security when the marriage dissolves. Annette Benson Law can help. We will work closely with you to go over your debts, assets, investments and other marital property so you know exactly what’s at stake.

Help For The Heartbreaking Decisions

Through asset division negotiations, a QDRO, a property settlement agreement and other options, we can help lay the groundwork for financial security in the next chapter of your life.

Dividing assets in a life you shared can be heartbreaking and difficult. Nobody enters a marriage thinking they’ll divorce. Annette Benson Law offers candid and empathetic guidance throughout the entire process, so you never feel alone. Our Bingham Farms legal team will educate you about your options and fight for you to retain the assets you need.

Passionate Advocacy You Need Today

We work tirelessly to represent our clients with integrity and conviction. Send in this email to our Michigan firm or call us at 248-646-2600 today to discuss how best to protect your financial future.